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A New Generation of AI Database System

Tagital, the global leading tabbed-unstructured database system is designed to fulfill the high personalized, high concurrency, and high-performance needs of big data, AI and IoT platform. Tagital help enterprises to make revolutionary intelligent products.

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Tagital Technology Empower Enterprise

Tagital Technology cooperate with enteprises of industries to create AI products and to revolute all industries.

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Global AI Technology Conference

Tagital Technology establish AI labs of industries with global elite universities and hold conference to connect and integrate global AI technology and industries.

Our AI Ereas

  • Traffic Management

    Tagital helps the public security traffic management department to create intelligent traffic system through neural network learning, understanding, prediction and adaptation. Tagital improve public security traffic management by making road safe and city unimpeded.

  • Clothing

    Tagital make clothing design intelligent by connecting intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing and smart business. Tagital make persionalized clothing consumption possible and intelligent.

  • Children's Product

    Tagital cooperate with traditional children product enterprises to make intelligent baby carriers. Tagital help intelligent children product deliver safety and love.

  • Stationary

    Tagital cooperating with leading stationary company research and developp intelligent pen and other stationary to revolute the industry, also to make owners and their stationaries to be buddies.

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